Saturday, December 22, 2012

Life in the Past 5 Months

While we are literally waiting for Jude's arrival I thought I would do one last blog post of the year. I guess the next 6 months will consist of Jude photo's! Since I wrapped up January to June in one of my previous LONG pictures blogs I thought I would try to wrap up July to November (December's been a little busy!). It's hard to sum up life in just a blog post (and this is just a small bit that happened to be captured with my camera!), but these pictures are a fun insight to how busy and fun life has been!
July was quite the busy month! Before we left Wilmington we got to hang out with some good friends that we had not seen in a while. I had three photo sessions that month (one in Wilmington and two in Rocky Mount). Chris celebrated his 27th Birthday (hence the picture of the cherry pie...his favorite!). I spent a week at the lake and a week visiting close friends in Utah. It was a tiring month, but one that was very memorable!
Chris is pretty close to all of his guy friends :)
Chris' Birthday pie and ice cream!
Kathy, Paula, and I decided to read a book together this year at the lake. We chose "Stardust," because it was it was on Paula's list and it was a fun and simple read for the lake! I think we should make this a new lake tradition. I liked taking the time to read a book while there. It was very relaxing!
Francis LOVES to camp! She comes out of her shy little shell and becomes miss outgoing.
Francis' boyfriend, Copper.  

It's amazing that these two views were actually at the same time. We went out there to look at the view on the left to discover the double rainbow behind us!
One of the cutest couples at the lake!
The soon to be married couple is cute too :)
We added a few new faces to our lake tradition this year and we welcome such cute and silly new faces!
This little bluebird enjoyed Francis' food.
My trip to Utah was lots of fun! I spent time with Melinda and her family.
Mariah & I...for some reason I didn't get a picture of her new baby brother "blog ready," but he's a cutie too!
I was thrilled that I was able to visit with Melinda and also get to visit with my Colorado family who were in Utah for Cayla's wedding.
I'm so glad I got to celebrate Cayla's wedding day with them!
I had a photo session with this lovely family in August! This was my one last beach session before we moved to Va. We packed up and took our friend Burton with us. He helped us get settled into our town home. We also made it into DC and got rock star parking!!! After Burton left we did make in back into DC one last time it August to go to the Smithsonian. It was so crowded that day that we didn't stay very long. Before we actually moved to Va we had a baby reveal party for our family and friends! Thanks to Kay there are pictures that exist from that fun night too! That was a pretty awesome night to remember :)
Our home...which we never see the front side of, because we use our alley!

September had a couple of trips to Rocky Mount. Chris & I had two wonderful baby showers thrown for us (not posted). I also made a trip up to Chapel Hill with Chris to take Katherine Grace's 6 month photo session. We stopped by Sugarland for a sweet treat before we left! We also found a Church to be apart of in Va. We went to a pretty cool place with our new chruch family in the mountains called Shrinemont.
We pulled over on the side of the road driving through the mountains and found this little creek!
October was full of FALL!!!! It started off with Amy coming up for a visit, Dana & Aaron's baby shower, a Taste of DC,  a trip to place called Strasburg (which was a cool town), and the Shenandoah mountains. Fall was perfect in this area!
We went to a Washington Wizards/Celtics game in the city and ate a nice dinner in Chinatown. I don't have pictures from Thanksgiving, but mom came up here and we ate a lovely dinner at Cracker Barrel!
So here we are...waiting for our first child to be born. Having a baby this year was not in the plans, but we're pretty stoked that we will be holding our little Jude any day now! We're also very happy that our family will be here to share this awesome time of our life (and their life) with us!