Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer: Waiting for Irene...

I've grown up near the coast and have always been use to the possibility of experiencing a hurricane around this time of year. I'll never forget Floyd, which caused major flooding where I am from. This was the first time I had ever experienced so much damage in my own hometown.

Chris & I now live at the beach. I'm grateful that where I am isn't going to be hit quite as hard this time, but still concerned for all those that will be. I debated on going back to Rocky Mount (hometown) since Chris is out of town, but I decided to stay. I will be staying with some good friends tonight and maybe tomorrow depending on how things go. I cleaned my house and packed up almost everything that is important to Chris & I. I don't think anything will happen at our apartment, but I'd rather be safe. I can't even imagine losing my pictures, hard drives, stuffed animals, and all of our keepsakes that mean so much to us! Our car is now packed full of those items.

Now I'm just waiting. I have my Ben & Jerry's (that happens to be the flavor of my favorite cake!) and I am content! Hopefully I will say the same thing when I return to our place in a day or two!

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