Sunday, December 4, 2011

Family & Friends: Being Thankful

Time never fails to fly by. November has passed and December has arrived. Before I forget about November completely I want to share just a few reasons why I am thankful.

I am thankful for...

my family (even though all aren't pictured below I am very thankful for them too!).

(Mom, Aunt Sharon, Mema, & Uncle Mark)

 (Chris, Me, Mema, Daniel (cousin), and Kevin)

relaxing with family.

 (Kristi (mom-n-law), Emma (niece), and Ken (dad-n-law)

my niece and how cute she sounds when she says "Aunt Karen."

being silly...

Chris & Emma's bonding time.

(Note: Emma's isn't missing teeth, but she has choclate all over them :) )

friends who don't mind me cracking the same joke with them over and over!

my best girlfriends!

(Amanda, Amy, Kay, Maria (Birthday girl), Delight, Amie, & Me)

friends I've known all of my life (and friends that marry those friends I've known all of life!)

 (Kay, Matt & Me)

(Kay, Matt, Me, & Kathy)

being a Carolina fan!

all my friends who will soon be having babies!!!!

(Kay & Rory)

cupcakes (it's okay to be thankful for small things)!

cute animals.

(Me & Tabor)

These are just a small handful of things I am very thankful for. Even though we are more aware of what we are thankful for during this season it's good to keep in mind that we should be thankful all the time!