Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family: Birthday Wishes

We head out for our next big trip tomorrow. We're taking the youth to Arkansas for a mission trip. They went here last year, so they'll get to fellowship and work with some of the same people. I think that will be very cool for them. I am excited because this is actually my first trip out there, because I was in Colorado last year around this time. Wow, time flies!

My mom and Chris will celebrate their Birthday's while we are gone. My moms Birthday is actually tomorrow ( Happy Birthday mom!) and Chris' Birthday is next Saturday. It's hard to celebrate Chris' Birthday while driving on a Church bus, so I attempted to make him a surprise Birthday dessert tonight. That failed, so I took him to Krispy Kreme (yes, they were hot!). I haven't been in the mood to take a whole lot of pictures lately, so I thought I would document our little adventure to Krispy Kreme! The small moments in life are just as important as the big ones some days :)


Willa Hagler said...

Are you in Helena, Arkansas? Leonora Nowell spoke to our WMU last November, and Ben Nowell preached on a Sunday morning in November. We enjoyed them very much. I hope you are there helping them. Willa Dean Hagler

LIfe & the way it changes said...

Hi Willa Dean! Yes, we are in Helena! That's cool that they came to Tabernacle fairly recently. Chris came with our youth group last year and we returned this year! So far it has been a really great trip! Keep us in your prayers, because many of us are working in the HEAT!!! I hope to see you soon!

menorarose said...

We celebrated my Dad's birthday on the 11th, with Krispy Kreme also! He wanted to try the Cheerwine flavor!