Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friends Post: Kerri & Nick

Summer time is filled with friends and family coming to visit us. We live at the beach so it is a hot spot for our friends and family. Of course they come to see us too! It's unfortunate that I haven't taken pictures from all of the visits, but thankfully I have a few to share from Kerri & Nick's visit (mainly thanks to Kerri!).

(Botanical Gardens, Denver, CO--2007?)

Kerri & I met when we both attended Randolph Community College in Asheboro, NC from 2004-2006. We bonded through trips to the zoo, working on class projects together, and watching Laguna Beach. I say that last part with some shame, but it was a lot of fun at the time! We also just had similar personalities so we clicked pretty quickly once we got to know each other. We both went to different states for our Photography internships (I went to Colorado and she went to California). After we graduated I went back to Colorado and Kerri eventually came out there with me. We lived together for about a year and a half in Denver, Colorado. We both moved back to North Carolina at the end of 2007.

We have to really try a lot harder to plan time for visits, because we live a few hours apart now. Kerri & Nick stayed for about a week this last visit. I'd say the most memorable parts of that visit were our beach camping adventure and the "bad" movies that we watched!

I would assume camping on the beach would have been a pleasant experience. This was our first time trying it out. Well, it turns out that at Carolina Beach it's okay to get drunk and play really loud music almost all night long (just imagine what your favorite mexican restaurant sounds like). We did survive the night though! We woke up really early that next morning. Two of the best parts of camping was watching the stars before bedtime and waking up to dolphins swimming in the morning time.

We also spent some time in downtown Wilmington, which is one of my favorite places in town. We grabbed some lunch at the Trolly Stop and did a little shopping. It's nice to find places in town that have vegetarian options, even if it is just a veggie hot dog!

 (By Kerri...or at least by her camera: serious mirror shot)

  (Photo by Kerri: happy mirror shot)

(couple mirror shot!)

Chris & I really enjoyed our time with Kerri & Nick. We're hoping that the next time we see them we'll be in their part of town!

(Photo by Kerri)


menorarose said...

Yes, we definitely need to plan more visits! I look like a beach bum in the last photo! I'm all sun burnt. Thanks for blogging about our visit :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you were a little red ;) Look forward to our next visit together!