Saturday, April 7, 2012

Birthday love

I felt so much love on my Birthday this year! I just had a blast spending time with friends, getting free stuff, talking to my family and friends, eating lots of cake and cupcakes, and getting our first dog ( she was actually just a bonus to my B-day, not even planned).

Chris made me feel so special on my Birthday. It started off the Wednesday before my Birthday. We went to get massage's right before bedtime and it was very relaxing. Friday night we went to Red Robin and then went to see "The Hunger Games" for the second time. Saturday started off with a morning bike ride. Riding bikes has become a really fun activity that we enjoy doing together. Then I went to get a pedicure with Michelle. That evening we went out to eat with a very special group of people.

We ate at a wonderful restaurant called Rucker John's. I'd totally recommend it to anyone visiting the area. They have great chicken fingers (for those who any meat!), a good veggie pizza, and amazing honey croissant rolls.

Michelle & Greg bought me this wonderful red velvet Birthday cake. Harris Teeter has really good cakes! This is the second year I've had this one.

These are our neighbors at our apartment and they are wonderful! I babysit the boys sometimes and they are so much fun!

The Howard's are one of my many sets of parents. I am really good friends with their daughter and I'm very thankful that we get to share time like this together while we are still in Wilmington.

Andy is such a cool guy! He is the youth intern at First Baptist and he is so loved. I can't say enough good things about him. 

Greg & Michelle are the first set of friends we made in Wilmington and there is no doubt that we treasure that friendship!

Sunday was my actual Birthday and it was still filled with lots of fun things. We went to Church that morning and ate lunch with an older couple from our Church. After we ate Chris & I headed over to Airlie gardens for their free day. This was the first time we had been there. It's such a gorgeous place and I'll look forward to going back to explore it even more!

We didn't get to stay at Airlie gardens too long, because I had a free eyebrow waxing at Ulta to go to. This may have been the first time I've had this done, but I will admit it was a good experience. We dropped by Starbucks so I could pick up my free drink. I don't drink coffee drinks so I always get their frappuccino's. I some how managed to down the largest size they have!!!

My last treat on my Birthday was a stop by Coastal Cupcakes for cupcakes of course! I love going to local bakeries!

Lastly, we randomly got a dog that next day! I'm not sure what got into us, but it turned out to be a great idea. We found her online at and adopted her Monday afternoon. Her name is Francis. She is shy, silly, playful, restful, curious, cuddly (loves to spoon!) and so very loving. We're exciting about sharing our life adventures with her! She wasn't really a Birthday gift, but she was a great conclusion to a very good Birthday!

Now I get to enjoy one more year of being in my 20's. I still have plenty to enjoy this year! I get to go to Utah and visit friends and see a friend get married. I get to spend a week at the lake with my family and my extended family. I get to go to the beach a lot and enjoy a nice North Carolina Summer. There are many many more things I could list, but I'll leave it there for now! Turning 29 wasn't so bad after all. I'm planning on making 30 pretty rad too!

Here's a little bonus of things I got free for my B-day:

Starbucks drink (sign up!)
Red Robin Burger and ice cream sundae (once again, sign up!)
Eyebrow wax ( mine was free, but I was actually suppose to have a previous service through Ulta, which I did not)
Pastry from Panera (I haven't even got this one yet!)

A few fun gifts I got for my Birthday:

(Collapsible lunch container)

(Collapsible bowls)

(Diana Mini)

(Team Peeta shirt)

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