Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Mini Diana Experiment

I bought myself the Mini Diana for a Birthday gift to myself. I thought it would be a lot of fun to break out a roll of film again. It's sad to say that hasn't happen probably since 2006. I received my first roll back and I was a little disappointed. THEY WERE SO GREEN! Some of the pictures didn't turn out at all. I went through them and picked out a few that I thought were fun and I thought I would share them! Thanks to photoshop they are not as green any more! Enjoy!

Chris & Francis

We discovered a fun place to ride our bikes at Carolina beach. This is my favorite shot of them all!

 Francis isn't really a fan of all dogs...especially ones that like to pounce on her!

This one looks a little creepy!

Me & our baby girl :)

I have a billion blogs I could write, but lately time doesn't permit me to do so! Maybe one day I'll have fun catching up on some fun life events that have happened so far this year! This will have to do for now!


menorarose said...

That is very strange on how they turned out...did you use expired film? Regular c-41 film? Developed where? Wonder if any of that have to do with it? I have 2 rolls of E-6 slide film to still develop and I think I'll just have them cross processed...I'm kinda scared now that I've seen yours...wonder how awful the pics will be to decipher what in the heck I took at the time, haha...I've had one roll since Dec 11! Yikes! I do like your creepy pics though, and the last pic is weird bc you can see the holes in the edge of the film, wonder how that happened? All def look vintage though.

Karen Proctor-Adams said...

The film wasn't old or anything. It almost seemed like it had a leak where some light got in. Some pictures just had the green haze on them. I will try again! It's still a fun little camera to play with. I just hope to have MORE pictures that are actually usable next time! I used snapfish, which I've used before.