Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jude's Wish List

We are so stoked to be having a little baby boy! Jude Lawrence Adams should be one handsome fellow! I started making wish list and registries when I found out I was pregnant. I was excited to finally know the gender of our baby so I could wish and registrar for cute boy things. Even though I've planned all along to go with a gender neutral bedroom there will probably be a few more "boy" touches now (mainly more superhero stuff...which will NOT be the whole theme of the room ;) ).

Below I created a little Etsy wish list (maybe there will be a part two since I added more cute items) and a "I hope I have time to be crafty" list. Either way I can't wait to be able to start working on Jude's room!

These are just a few crafty ideas for the baby :) Not saying that I'm going to tackle them all, but there are a few things on my picture list that I hope to get too!


menorarose said...

Neat, love some of the things! Can you send me a link to the crafty idea, of that colorful bowl made from those circle beads (pictured in a blue bowl)? That is sucha neat idea!

Karen Proctor-Adams said...

Try this link

It's a pinterest fine...