Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Months Pregnant & The Big Move

Pregnancy has been a little different than expected. Considering I wasn't expecting to become pregnant at all I didn't know what to expect besides stories I've heard from others. Now here I am 5 months pregnant with only 4 more months to go.

It's been kind of a difficult change thus far. I have been sick my whole pregnancy and I have been waiting on that BURST OF ENERGY that I think I was suppose to get around the 4 month mark. It never came, but I still hold on to some hope! I sleep and take naps as much as possible. If you want to know what all mothers have told me is to take advantage of this before the baby comes (and I can believe that!). I quite enjoy my rest time even though it's not always comfortable. I'm getting better about sleeping on my sides, but man do I miss my tummy! My dreamworld has become more detailed and insane than ever! I remember most of my dreams and they are usually pretty intense (whether good or bad).

The most grateful part for me is I've had this past month off and I will have until about mid September off before I start my new job. I've kept myself busy by traveling for 2 weeks straight to come home to a week of packing (or shall I say Chris packing while I nap). This week has been such a hard week on me. It's a strange feeling to not be able to do what you are use to doing. Even though I know it's not laziness it feels like it to a person who can be ocd at times!

We leave Wilmington tomorrow. I can't believe the time that we've anticipated for over a year is finally here. I love Wilmington, but it has been a very bittersweet time for us. During our hard times new doors opened which lead us to our next move to Alexandria, Va. God has been good to us! Through my bitterness I hope to find peace and love for those that we may have been hurt by during this time. We find so much love for the kids (teenagers I should say!) that we worked with here! That part we will hold tight to and treasure! We're thankful for those who have come into our life. It's hard to make new friends when you're in your late 20's.

I am ready to go though. We're ready to start this new adventure that will eventually lead us to a mystery place ( it's so hard not knowing the future sometimes). I can't wait to explore Alexandria & DC! With all of this said Chris & I had one more quick visit to one of my favorite spots in Wilmington...Fort Fisher. This place always takes my breath away. It seems so secluded from the rest of the town. I wish we would have made it there more often. I do have a few pictures to share of this moment and probably our last "couple photo" of us during our time in Wilmington (unless God & the Bishop want us back here one day!).

Enjoy our last little adventure and the first pictures of me being 5 months pregnant :)

Chris was really sweet and PATIENCE with me. It's fun to see Chris' creative side come out in photo's! You can only really see that I have a tummy when I wear tighter shirts. Thankfully I can still wear pretty much all of clothes...minus my jeans.

We did bring along Francis "pants!" She enjoyed camping at the lake so much I could tell she needed another adventure! Being home with her mom all day (napping!) can be pretty boring!

A man and his dog...precious!

One last shot of us before we peace out of Wilmington...

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it sounds like you are having a very similar pregnancy to mine. I never got that mythical burst of energy either. But oh, seeing those adorable pictures did bring a twinge of nostalgia to me (can it be nostalgia if it was JUST 5 months ago for me??). So it can't be ALL bad if I miss it sometimes :) You will miss those sweet little kicks some day and forget (mostly) about the hard parts :)

Megan said...

So excited for you!! Congratulations and best of luck in DC:)