Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crafty: Christmas Gifts

I love, love, love, love making homemade gifts for family & friends. Chris & I worked hard to make these gifts very personal for each person they were going to.

Here's a few of this years Christmas gifts:

Mom had been wanting a updated picture of Me & Kevin, so Chris snapped a few shots of us over Thanksgiving. This canvas project was actually really easy. I liked how it turned out.

This was one of Chris' stocking stuffers. I had a lot of fun making this for him! This one actually only has 51 reasons, because I accidentally left one out!!!

I made this for my father-n-law. We knew he loved licorice so we filled it with these little round pieces of licorice that I bought from World Market. He loved it!

(For Father-n-law)

We made these picture candle holders for my mother-n-law and my mema. The way the tutorial said to do it didn't quite turn out. We actually just got the images printed onto a transparency. I love the way they turned out! I'd like to make more of these in the future.

I had so much fun making Emma's gift! Hopefully this will last her for a few years!

I made these ornaments with our wedding invitations. We still have so many leftover invitations that I wanted to recycle them instead of just throwing them away. This is my second project with our invitations. I gave these to all of my bridesmaids (Note: if you haven't received one yet you have one coming your way!)! I used the homemade boxes in the very first image to put them in.

It only seems appropriate to share this box next since it's the first creation from my invitations. It's not perfect, but it worked out great for Kerri's gift! I'll probably make a few more of these little boxes.  I even thought it was clever to just "tie a knot" instead of a bow in the ribbon. Get it?

I loved how these mini Polaroid magnets turned out! I didn't use the same backing as the link below used, but they still turned out great. I actually just remembered that I used our wedding invitation for the backing! I guess that means I've found 3 ways to use them so far :)

I made a few other gifts this year, but I forgot to take pictures of everything. I hope next year to be just as crafty, but maybe get an earlier start on it so I don't feel so rushed!


menorarose said...

Everything was very creative and useful! Love my magnets! Did you notice the on my parent's fridge?

menorarose said...

Everything is very creative and I loved the polaroid magnets you gave me! Did you notice them on my parent's fridge?

Christi said...

These are great! I am glad you pinned them too.