Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Change: New Years (a little belated!)

(We're such rebels...except for Matt, because he's eating healthy!)

I can always count on spending time with Matt & Kay on New Years. They are not even my "fall back" they are usually my "go to!" Unfortunately, my dear husband couldn't join us, because he had to work. We were really lazy and just watched a (bad) movie and hung out.

The next day we watched the UNC game, played chicken foot (feet?), and made banana splits! It was quite a low key New Years, but I was in good company!

I started off my New Year with some of my best friends! I didn't really make resolutions, but I do have a few goals that I hope to meet this year. Here's my 2012 list:

Finish meeting my weight lose/health goals: I'm very proud to say that I lost a lot of weight in 2011 that I had put on in the last few years. I'm really only a few pounds away from meeting that goal. My main goal this year is to continue to eat healthy and get fit.

Pass my Praxis Math test & apply to ECU's distant education program

Read more: If you have any good recommendations or would like to share a book with me on my kindle I'd love to hear from you!

Be more crafty: I crafted a lot in 2011, but I hope to craft something new in 2012. Maybe a new skirt is in my future!

Budget & keep up with receipts

Visit my friend in Utah

Save some money

Backup up documents/pictures on computer & Burn VHS videos to dvds: I've been avoiding this one for way too long!

Enjoy the beach more

Celebrate Maria's 30th Birthday in a BIG way!

Take pictures with film: Now I just need to buy that film camera that I'm eying.

Be more faithful in prayer

Purge more!

Give more (unselfishly)

Try new recipes

Go somewhere for our Anniversary

Write more letters to family and friends

Get on facebook less

Appreciate family and friends more

I have plenty to do this year! I should probably get off the computer and start on my list ;)

4 comments: said...

ummm... why isn't "spoil my new niece, Rory" on that list?? ;)

LIfe and the way it changes said...

This was just a small version, so "spoil Rory" is on my list too :)

Paula Wright said...

"Backup up documents/pictures on computer & Burn VHS videos to dvds!" - Big chore that's also on my list. If by "backup documents/pictures" you mean scanning documents and pictures, that's in there, too!

LIfe and the way it changes said...

I've got to do all of the above! I really would like to find a place in town that will scan photo's for a good price! I'd love to have all my hardcopy photo's scanned to disc. I also need to finish backing up my digital images too! It's all so time consuming!!!!