Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summarizing Life

I use the word busy in most life updates, because I always seem to find myself doing stuff non-stop! Even though I have a list of things I need to do I thought it might help my brain if I took a minute to blog about what's been going on since January (and a little in December!). Yes, since January! There have been a lot of fun things to happen that I haven't had time to post. The good news is this will mainly be in picture form, which can be way more fun! :)

Enjoy my life and all the other wonderful life's that I surround myself with! We're officially half way through the year!


It's only fair to step back to December 29th, because one my dearest friends turned 30 (a day later!). I had special plans for her the day before her Birthday. We headed to Raleigh that day. We started off my going to go see "The Adventures of Tintin" at the Imax theater. Afterwards we enjoyed some pizza at Mellow Mushroom. My surprise for that evening was tickets to a Carolina basketball came. Amy is an Alumni and I kind of forced Carolina basketball on her at a young age (she took a lot of abuse!). It had been so long since we had seen a game together so it was quite a fun adventure!

December 30th was officially Amy's Birthday. I took Amy for her first massage that morning before our group of girls headed to Raleigh for a fun evening of celebrating! We tried a new restaurant in town called Humble Pie (I'd recommend it if you have a group!). We stopped for dessert after we were already stuffed. Lastly, we surprised Amy and dropped by the outdoor skating rink they have downtown. We had a bad experience at another "outdoor rink" (it was fake ice and super small!) so we wanted to make it up to her!

I finally got the chance to meet my newest cousin, Samantha! She's grown so much since these pictures!

(Matthew (cousin), Ashley, and Samantha)


Spent New Years with Matt & Kay (and Rory!).

Amie & I (with lots of help from other friends!!!) threw a baby shower for Kay.

We had a surprise party for Amy (Yes, Amy received much deserved LOVE for her Birthday!)...


I took my friend Jessica's maternity pictures. She doesn't even look pregnant! I'm doing a total of 6 sessions for her (3 posted here!).

Amanda & Cody got married! YAY!

Chris & I took a quick weekend visit to Alexandria, VA (our home in about 4 weeks!). This was the first time I had been to DC, which is well overdue!

Our first and only snow  (hoping for more once we move!) that we saw driving home from VA.

We celebrated my good friend Christina's daughters (Oriana) 1st Birthday!

Rory was born! Another YAY!


We visited our good friends Joe & Liz. They went with us on opening night at the imax theater to see "The Hunger Games." They also were okay with me watching Carolina (barely) make it to the Elite 8 (what good DUKE friends!). We also went to Chapel Hill, which makes the adventure even better!

My favorite cupcake shop, Sugarland, in Chapel Hill (they also made me famous on tv ;) ).


I had such a wonderful Birthday this year! I felt so much LOVE! We also adopted Francis a day after my Birthday! Love at first sight :)

A little photo session with the Bain crew :)

A visit with my good friend, Dana, in Fort Mill, SC. We went to a cupcake shop that had the best red velvet cupcakes. I'm very picky about my red velvet so it means a lot for me to say BEST about it!

Katherine Grace's first little photo session (minus the one where she was in her mommy's belly!).

Mom came up for a visit. We took a trip a local strawberry farm. We bought some fresh strawberries, beautiful plants, and ate homemade ice cream! I also officially became an Episcopalian that weekend!


We celebrated our 3rd Anniversary!

I've done a few sessions with Myles and he just keeps getting cuter by the minute!

We hung out with our friends Matt, Kay, and Rory. Their dogs got to meet our new addition, Francis!

Rory giving Chris some smiles!

Francis putting Annabelle in her place! Now they can be best girlfriends though!

We went on a camping adventure with our friends Kerri & Nick. Carolina Beach State Park is such a beautiful place and a great spot to camp!

Francis loved camping :)

Francis also loves the beach! I'm not claiming that guy in the background ;)

We were very happy to see Francis warm up to Kerri & Nick! She usually gets pretty scared when we have family or friends in town.


I hung out with my sweet friend Audrey and her cute son Asher at the local Farmer's Market in Rocky Mount.

A bunch of my girlfriends took our mom to go see the play "Wicked" in Durham! We had a blast (minus all the stair climbing!)!

Amy couldn't bare her shoes any more so she walked barefoot on this "dirty" cement! EWWW ;) I can't talk much I would have done the same thing!

Katherine Grace, her mommy, and her great grandma came to visit me at the beach for her second photo session. We managed to avoid the rain and had perfect weather!

The biggest news for us is that we found out I was pregnant! Sometimes unexpected things come along! Jude or Lucy will be born around December 21st!

The next 6 months should be pretty interesting. I am about to venture out to Utah to visit my close friend Melinda and her family. Once I return I immediately go camping on our annual camping trip at the lake (Kerr Lake). There's more...two weeks later we move to Alexandria, Va. Then Chris and I will both begin school! I can't believe I'll be a full time student again!!! We'll end the year with a bang when the baby is born :) I'm sure there will even be more adventures in between, but I'm tired just thinking of the ones I know about! LIFE IS BUSY!

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Wow, that was a huge post! I bet it took a while doing all that! Anyhow, think you could dropbox some of those beach shots when we visited for camping? I kinda forgot about that...I don't think I asked you already???