Monday, September 12, 2011

Travel: Bimini Part I

I am finally getting around to posting the first set of Bimini pictures to my blog. The first post I ever wrote on my new blog was regarding Bimini! We had such an amazing time with the youth and we're very glad we got this opportunity!

Enjoy...and don't get too jealous!

This is the boat that we stayed on while we were there. I think I could live on a boat!

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Yes, a Crystal (or White Castle) burger will make a vegetarian eat meat! I just love these little burgers! This was the first burger I had in over a year. On most of the youth trips we stopped for fast food, so some times that was a challenge. You kind of get tired of salads after a while! Thank goodness Burger King offers a veggie burger! In this case I kind of wanted to stop at Crystal's because I knew they didn't have veggie options, so that left me with one choice! Hey, I gotta get my protein in some how!

We picked our boat up in Florida, which is also where we slept for the night. This was the nice view when we left early the next morning.

Originally we were suppose to sail through the night, but plans changed and we sailed all day. It was a long day, but this was such a beautiful sight! Also, I'm glad I got to witness all of the cool flying fish along the journey!
We made it!

This is the "airport" from Silence of the Lamb.

Their expressions say it all!

A local pizza joint.

Even Spiderman needs a trip to Bimini :)

This is actually the first view we got of the island (some pictures are out of order!).
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Homemade local bread...

I really wanted to take this chair home with me!

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Part II coming soon!

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