Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Change: Goodbye Bills!

I should start off by saying that getting any type of credit card in college is not always the best idea. This is how some of my debt problems began. I went into Wachovia one day and they gave me a card that was considered my overdraft account. They didn't explain it to me very well, so when I received a credit card in the mail I used it. Then I continued to use it until I was over 5,000 in debt. This was around 2001 and I just paid this bill off (with the help of Chris) in 2011! It's crazy that I carried that much debt around for so long just on one card. I also got the brilliant idea to buy a dell desktop computer, which also took many, many years to pay off. My mom ended up helping me pay the rest of that off. I paid way more for a computer than I ever should have by the time it was said and done.

Even this year I did manage to get a Chase card and owed way more than I was ever hoping to owe. The purchases were usually business related, but I still couldn't pay it quick enough. The good news of it all is I've learned my lesson! I just paid off my Victoria's Secret card, my Old Navy card,  and my Chase card. I have about $10,000 in college loans to pay and we have a car loan. I guess that's not horrible considering the amount of debt most people are in!

I am just excited not to have to stress or worry about bills. Credit cards are in my past! Goodbye debt, hello savings!

2 comments: said...

congratulations! It's a good feeling. Keep at it :)

LIfe & the way it changes said...

Thanks, Kay!