Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photo Session: The Brumble Family

Last Christmas I took pictures of the Jones' family. Lindsay & Jeremy lost their first child, Ayden, to SIDS. They had recently had their second child, Collen. As a photographer I wanted to offer them something special, so we arranged a free photo session for their family. I really enjoyed offering these sessions to those who had been through a difficult situation. I asked Lindsay if she knew someone that she'd like to offer this free gift to. She sent me Kellie & Brian Brumble's contact information. They had also lost their son, Austin, to SIDS. At the time Kellie was pregnant with her second child. We spoke through email and setup a photo session for them when Andrew was born. He arrived a few months ago and I am so glad I had this opportunity to meet Andrew and of course Kellie & Brian too!

Here are a few sweet pictures of Austin that I borrowed from their blog...

I was so honored to meet this family and so glad they let me take these beautiful pictures of Andrew! Here are a few of my favorite from the session!

Thanks again Brumble family for letting me photograph your family! I'd like to also thank the Jones family for letting me photograph their family too. I have met two wonderful families who have been through a lose that no mother or father should have to go through. I encourage those who read this to check out their blogs (click on their names to go to blog). I am grateful to have met both of these families! I may only be able to offer a small dose of comfort with these photo's, but I do hope that in some way it helps with the healing process and that they can treasure these precious moments for a life time!

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